10 Staging Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Dated: 12/15/2017

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This is a great article...yet the photos are not applicable to many of my clients who do not have such a large home. Yet as an agent, you will enjoy the article and can easily share the 10 staging tips that apply to any home....no matter the size.... http://cchrealtors.com/10-staging-tips-for-selling-your-home-quickly/

I just copied all of the 10 steps and their explanation and will substitute photos for my sellers as needed.

Curb Appeal in Charlotte, NC


You hear it all the time, when it comes to selling your home you have to make a good impression from the moment someone pulls in front of the house. This couldn’t be more true! 65% of us are visual learners & purchasers. If they like what they see & everything seems appealing, chances are greater that you will have more buyers interested & sell quickly.


Think of your front porch as another room of your home. You should add elements like plants, pops of color with throw pillows, soft lighting & even create a sitting area, if you have the space to do so. One thing many realtors will tell you is, it take a few minutes to gain entry into a house, so the potential buyers really have a few minutes to really admire your front porch during this time. Sure everything looks tidy & welcoming can really add to that first impression. Not only is it important for visitors, but if you think about it most listings showcase the front exterior or porch area as the primary photo on websites, so it will add that element of allure to even get showings.


One of the keys to selling your home quickly is appealing to a wide variety of buyers. Sometimes its a numbers game, the more people you have tour your home, the greater chance you have of one of them putting an offer in on your home. When it comes to appealing to the masses, neutral colors are ideal. Maybe when you think about the words “neutral colors” it makes you yawn. Are you seeing only beige in your head? Well, here is the shocker…while beige is one of the most popular colors, there is a wide variety of other colors that are really considered “Neutral”. Two of the hottest colors this year are gray & yellow! There are a wide variety of browns, blues, greens & even some oranges that really could be considered when you neutralize. Think lighter shades of these colors, as they tend to be more on the neutral scale than the vivid colors. By neutralizing you really increase your chances of selling quicker because you will not only appeal to more buyers, but buyers don’t have to worry about the upfront expense of painting, as neutrals tend to have a lot more options when to comes to matching up with accent colors.


There is nothing quite like walking in a sparkling clean, well polished home. Think of that new car smell that we all love& then spin it. There is something about the smell of a freshly cleaned room,the gleam on the hardwoods & shine on the counter-tops to make you experience that giddy feeling of buying something shiny & new. (Even if it isn’t quite new.)


Clearing the clutter goes hand & hand with sparkly. We think one of the best ways to look at decluttering is simple – when you sell your home, you plan on packing everything up to move any way, so why not get a jump start & pack up some things before you list. A good real estate rule when decluttering is to depersonalize, think about removing items that might have a little more personal touch like picture frames, hobby items &


So you have cleared out all the clutter, when you stand back and look at each room, does all the furniture make sense in the room? If you feel like the space seems a little cramped, maybe it would be best to take a few pieces out of a room. Does the room seem a little bare? Maybe you can take a few pieces from another room & redistribute. For some rooms, it might be a good idea to really set the stage & rearrange some furniture so it looks like an intimate conversations can be held. Pulling furniture away from walls & clustering them closer together can be helpful. Focal point the room, like a fireplace, should really be highlighted. Perhaps you need to re-purpose a room, by changing out to furniture from another room. Does this seem like a daunting task?Not sure where to start? Realtors are great at helping you decide what needs to stay/go & what might be best for arranging a room. They might also suggest a stager, which is a wonderful option and really can help you increase the buyer interest.


For so many, dining rooms can be that space which is really only used during the holidays or on special occasions. It can become a spot that sits a little barren, when not it use. So why not doll this room up, as if the potential home buyer is your personal guest & really celebrate some style in this special. Make them really visualize entertaining in this space & give it definition. Think about possibly adding a table cloth, some of your dinnerware & a simple flower arrangement or maybe leave the exposed wood table but add a pop of color with 3 small floral arrangements & some wine glasses for a more casual feel.


Traditionally know as a room for sleeping, relaxation has always the primary vibe in the master. While the times have changed slightly &technology has been introduced, relaxation & comfort still seem to be the focus. Having a room that is overly feminine or too masculine can have it’s drawbacks, you want something that evokes comfort for most buyers. Keep thinking…appeal to the masses.


For so many, one of the reasons buyers are looking for a new home is they need more space than they previously had. Create the illusion of more space by cleaning out or packing up closets. A good rule of thumb is to start by eliminating things you don’t need or can’t fit into any more. Then go back and pack up anything that isn’t in season or that you have just stashed away. Opening up the closet space will help tremendously!


Something about your neighborhood enticed you to buy where you did and highlighting that can really add to the appeal to buyers maybe looking for a similar lifestyle. If you live in a historic neighborhood, really turn up the character of the home. You enjoyed all the trees in the backyard, create a little seating area under the trees to really showcase them. Amazing view from your condo, play up that space to make sure they see what you do. Golf course property, entice them to view the course by adding some golf elements to the yard.

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