11 Quick Tips To Avoid A Water Pipe Burst During The Polar Vortex

Dated: 01/07/2014

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The Polar Vortex, as it has been affectionately called, is in full swing, and people all across Anne Arundel County are experiencing record lows. I woke up this morning to no water in my vanity sink and sadly discovered that my pipes had frozen. Thankfully, everything else in the house was working but that one vanity sink. I thought we had done everything right; we turned up the heat, placed a small electric heater in the bathroom with the cabinet doors left open, we even left a slight drip...wait a minute, that’s right I woke up in the middle of the night, used the bathroom, washed my hands, and turned the water drip off. In the span of 4 hours, the pipes froze. We have been trying to safely thaw them all day. So far we haven’t had a pipe rupture  but we are still without water. The internet is an awesome source except every tip we found hasn’t worked. So without further ado, I thought I present you with 11 quick tips to avoid a water pipe burst during the Polar Vortex and avoid filling my shoes.
  1. Set your thermostat higher than normal to build up warmth in your house. Expect your furnace to run constantly until the outside temperature returns to a seasonal average.
  2. Wear several layers of clothing as your house may be cooler than you're comfortable with.
  3. Shut the registers in unused rooms only if they do not have plumbing. Close the doors to those rooms also.
  4. Close the dampers on your fireplace only if it is NOT in use.
  5. Use towels at the base of your outside doors to lessen the entry of cold air.
  6. Keep your garage door closed.
  7. Close your crawlspace vents and access holes.
  8. Open cabinet doors for all plumbing fixtures located on the outside wall.
  9. Leave the water running in a small stream when plumbing fixtures are located on an outside wall.
  10. If your washer is located on an outside wall, add a small amount of anti-freeze to the trap and monitor it while in use during this extreme cold.
  11. Locate your water shut-off valve, right now, in case you experience a burst pipe. Seconds count when the water is flowing!
List compiled liberally from the following post- http://www.ferrispropertygroup.com/extreme-cold-weather-safety-tips/

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