33 High Return Promotional Ideas

Dated: 04/01/2017

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33 high-return promotional ideas that clients will love — and remember

What worked for at least one of these salespeople is bound to work for you, too.. 

Can “coozies.” Keychains. Notebooks and pens and flashlights and bottle openers.

The world is packed with generic promotional items that include a spot for slapping on any real estate agent‘s name and logo, ready to ship off to your sphere of influence (SOI) … which will probably, let’s face it, underwhelm that “lucky” receiver. (Those “coozies” don’t do much to keep your drink cold on a really hot day, and the texture gives some people the willies. Just saying!)

There are better options when it comes to promoting your business and keeping top-of-mind with SOI swag. Here are a few tested-and-true ideas from real estate superstars.

Check out this article from Inman.....http://alturl.com/e8sx2

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