5 Quick Tips For Maximizing Your Rehab Results

Dated: 12/16/2013

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Every potential real estate investor dreams of becoming a rehabbing guru. Television shows make it seem way too easy. Authors break it down into manageable blocks, but the truth be told, rehabbing can make or break the new-be investor. Without a solid plan and an understanding of the numbers the situation can get out of hand real fast.

These 5 quick tips offer you the best shot of avoiding the red ink on your balance sheet.
  1. Find the right contractor
  2. Correctly estimate the repair costs
  3. Correctly estimate the ARV (After Repair Value)
  4. Stay within your established budget
  5. Find the right buyer or renter.
While these 5 tips see simple they are extremely hard to accomplish without a solid game plan. Read more at http://blog.richdadeducation.com/2013/05/03/home-rehabilitation/
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