5 Quick Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bill

Dated: 02/03/2014

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Want to save on your electric bill? By working to reduce openings in the home you can save up to 30% of your homes energy consumption. Check out these 5 quick tips for reducing your energy bill.

1. Don't let the outside in. An inexpensive quick fix for reducing the incoming air from under your windows an d doors is to place a rolled up towel under the drafty doors and windowsills. You can also purchase a door draft stopper that is made specifically for doors.

2. Reverse your ceiling fans. By switching the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise you can cut your heating costs by 10% as the fans will draw the warmer air from the ceiling and blow it into more of the living areas.

3. Reduce the temperature in your hot water heater. Most installers set the hot water heater to 140 degrees but did you know you can safely reduce the temperature to 120 degrees saving anywhere from 6 to 10 percent?

4. Lower the thermostat when your not there. It makes no sense to heat your house at 70 degrees when not there. For every degree drop you'll save between 1 and 3 % on your utility bills. Never, ever turn the heat off during the winter. You must always keep the house warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing. Special note: For heat pump user's it is more efficient to leave the temperature set at one point. 

5. Install window plastic. When installed properly it will not obstruct your view but it will most assuredly block the incoming drafts and help boost your houses ability to hold heat.

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